B+E Training (Towing)

If you would like to tow trailers, caravans, horseboxes etc.. then you may need to pass the B + E test!
Anybody who has passed their car practical driving test after 1st January 1997 is limited to towing a 750kg trailer with a 3500kg vehicle or a combined weight of 3500kg.

B + E Test

The B + E driving test is based on the LGV/PCV test therefore a professional high standard of driving is expected.
The test will be conducted from a LGV driving test centre by a DVSA examiner and will last approximately 90 minutes.
During the test you will need to demonstrate the ability to

  • Couple & uncouple a trailer safely & correctly
  • Reverse a trailer into a bay
  • Drive to a high standard on various types of roads
  • Answer a series of show me/tell me questions


All training is based on 1:1 tuition however 2:1 can be accommodated for commercial clients – please contact for more information

Short day (4 hrs)

An ideal course to gain some experience or just brush up on your skills if you already hold B+E entitlement.

1 Day (Experienced)

This course is suitable for drivers who have previous experience in towing/reversing that need to acquire the B+E entitlement

2 Day course (Novice)

Suitable for a confident driver with no previous experience in towing/reversing that need to acquire B+E entitlement.